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Sage Seminar

Sage Seminar Intermediate up to Audit Level


Learnkey Institute, one of Malta's leading education Centre central located in Birkirkara, shall be holding a Two Day Sage Seminar inclusive of refreshments.  Lessons on Saturdays from 9.30 till 1pm.


The seminar will include:-


Sage advanced, Running Routine & Reports


Candidates should be able to complete the following:


  • Access and amend company parameters in respect of name and address
  • Add new accounts to purchase and sales ledgers
  • Set up supplier and customer settlement terms, credit limits, contact details etc.
  • Create accounts in the nominal ledger from given information
  • Process transactions involving different tax liabilities
  • Process information in respect of the sales ledger - invoices, credit notes and customer receipts
  • Process information in respect of the purchase ledger - invoices, credit notes and payments
  • Process transactions in respect of the nominal ledger - payments and receipts
  • Allocate / match amounts in the purchase and sales ledgers as required - either matching to items or full or part payments in advance or on account.
  • Effect transfers between accounts in the nominal ledger
  • Process discounts received and allowed
  • Process transfers between bank accounts and cash accounts
  • Process contra items between purchase and sales ledger accounts
  • Process returned cheque in respect of customers and suppliers
  • Access / amend and process recurring entries as required
  • Calculate and process depreciation using both the reducing balance method and the straight line method
  • Print out copies of accounts, customer and supplier data, customer and supplier activity reports, customer statements, remittance advices, trial balances, day books, audit trails, profit & loss account and balance sheet as requested.


12 Students only - Individual Attention


Seminar Fee 300 euro