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"This whole learning process was fun"

was so scared on my first day in class, as it was my first class since I left college 2 years back. But Thanks to Learnkey’s helpful instructors, this whole learning process was fun. Now I feel I can conquer the world with my secretarial and business administration knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone ... I personally found the lessons very informative and inspiring and looked forward to each one to enrich the knowledge I had already gained. Because each lesson was clear and fully explained before going on to the next, I was able to pass my exams without too much stress. I would also like to thank everyone at Learnkey for the professionalism shown and for treating every one equal, no matter from which part of the world they originated. 

F.A. Edward - South Africa

I am a nineteen year old Ukrainian girl and I decided to settle in Malta because Maltese weather is great, people are nice and there is an overall laid back atmosphere.

I choose Learn Key Training Institute, because of the vast range of subjects it offers.
At Learnkey, not only I can better further my English, but I can also acquire great knowledge of Business Studies, office Skills, Marketing and Customer Relations. It has a vast portfolio of subjects, which keep me very busy.

However, the environment is pleasant and living in Malta is wonderful.

What more could I ask for?

Margarita Tovstolyak

I came to know about Learnkey when a friend of mine, taking a Secretarial & Business Administration Diploma Course, recommended the Institute to me. At first I thought that it might not work well with me because at the time I was working part time during the day. The enrolment staff were very helpful and convincing I might say as well and I soon found another job working during weekends and so was able to attend the full time 2 year course.

I immediately felt welcome when I started attending the course and found the environment between the students and the tutors very friendly. Apart from the studying that we had to endure time really passed quickly at Learnkey. I would recommend Learnkey Institute to anyone who is interested in obtaining a Secretarial and Business Administration Diploma because apart from the seriousness of the course, Malta is also a very good place to study in.  

Whalid Khallal - Nigeria

Learnkey is an educational centre which gives an excellent opportunity of diversified and professional training to everyone who is keen on developing his or her knowledge in a variety of areas, on filling educational gaps, retraining, or simply wishing to study a subject of particular interest.

I joined Learnkey 10 months ago, taking an abbreviated secretarial course. Even though I had completed an undergraduate degree in University, the training in Learnkey was important for me in order to gain the practical skills for work in an office. With my completion of the course, I found a whole new horizon of job opportunities in front of me.

After the first course, I started attending a course in accounting. Even though accounting is not within my area of specialization, the highly professional teachers, the friendly atmosphere, and the way Learnkey predisposes you to learn, made me continue my education with enthusiasm.

  That is what makes Learkey an educational centre with a difference: its practicality, its efficient and diversified courses, its professional staff, and its amicable

Desislava Strezova - Bulgaria