Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Course Overview

This advanced and comprehensive program provides students with strategic leadership skills, business acumen, and a holistic understanding of various mana gement disciplines. Graduates are prepared for leader ship roles across diverse industries, navigating complex business challenges with confidence.

  • Any MQF/EQF Level 6 or Maturity Clause with 5 years’ experience in a business or management f ield with an interview for suitability to join.
  • Good English level at 6 IELTS or equivalent is a must since the MBA is delivered in English or Pearson Tests of English examinations certificate required mark 100% ( Does not apply to English speaking countries or students who did a first degree in English)

This program leads to various career opportunities in various industries and the student can concentrate on his or her Postgraduate.

Dissertation has to be done on any Industry related to their studies.

• Applied Business Statistics

• Cross Cultural Selling and Marketing

• Law and Ethics in Business

• Managing Human Capital

• Digital Marketing

• Operations Management

• Developing and monitoring corporate strategy

• Risk management

• Leadership

• Finance

• Project Management

• Research Methods

• Thesis

"Very helpful, great environment."
Mariela Caruana
"I choose to study at Learnkey for the facility and prices. Also, I have a great surprise, all the staff and teachers always present and being helpful. It was definitely a good Booster for my future career."
Bruna Maier
"The online classes have been very easy to follow and the website to view the material is very user-friendly."
Jennifer Micallef
"Learnkey is one the best institute in Malta, I love studying in the institute. Best teachers and staff for all communication provided."
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"One of the best institute I have ever experienced due to the Helpful attitude of staff and the courses provided."
Shahed Ahmad
"My experience is excellent at Learnkey. They are very helpful and very nice to the students."
Sharona Vidal
Euro (EU / Maltese)8000.00
Euro (Non EU) 12000.00
Course Length

12 months Tuition and another 6 months to finish the Thesis 30,000 words.


July (Timetable is change to subject)

Next Intake

July 25, 2024



Awarding body

Administration fee €350

Tuition fee €8000 per year.